Easy To Use

Just twist off the top and it's ready to use.


Single use tubes guarantee safety and sterility.


Carry in your pack or purse to have first aid wherever you go!


Easily open and use in any location.


Each tube contains 30ml. of 0.9% sterile saline. The right amount for cleaning small cuts and grazes.

Pet Care with SalJet Pet

Caring for your pet's minor wounds

Cleaning a small cut or bite with a SalJet Pet™ tube is an effective way of cleaning a pet wound as soon as it happens. It is important to clean a wound, bite or scratch early to help reduce an infection from developing.

A SalJet Pet™ tube contains 0.9% of sterile saline which is an effective solution for cleaning wounds. The SalJet Pet™ tube does not contain any other ingredients, it is just 0.9% sterile saline.

Squeezing the SalJet Pet™ tube in order to get some pressure will help to gently remove any dirt or debris.

If the wound does not heal or looks like it is becoming infectious, then contact your local veterinarian. If the wound is bleeding and the bleeding continues, contact your local veterinarian.

Caring for your pet's eyes

SalJet Pet™ can be used to clean your pet’s eyes, just gently squeeze the Salpet™ tube whilst holding it upside down and you will get a drop-by-drop stream of saline. As SalJet Pet™ only contains 0.9% sterile saline it is OK to use in the eye. If there is any sign of infection, contact your local veterinarian.

Caring for your pet's ears

Cleaning the pet’s outer ear is simple with SalJet Pet™ just squeeze and point at the area to be cleaned.

If there is any sign of infection, contact your local veterinarian.

Simple and Easy

SalJet Pet™ is a simple way of cleaning your pet’s minor wounds, scratches and bites. It can also be used to flush eyes and ears

Protect Your Pet

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SalJetPet In Action