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SalJet Pet™

SalJet Pet™

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Clean your pet’s scratches, eyes, and small wounds in seconds.

  • Avoid infections by cleaning dirt, debris, and bacteria with the a sterile solution.
  • Accelerates healing process.
  • Veterinary Recommended.

Each carton of Saljet Pet contains 6 x 30ml tubes of sterile saline.

Ingredients: 0.9% of sterile saline

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The safest one time use solution for pet first aid.

How to Use: Twist off the top and point at the affected area, squeeze to obtain a steady stream of sterile saline to clean the area. To use drop by drop hold the tube upside down squeeze gently.

Warning:  For animal use only. Do not use unless the solution is clear. If there is any sign of leakage before twisting off the top, throw the tube away. Discard any unused portion. Does not contain antimicrobial or other ingredients. For external use only. Not for injection.

Easy To Use

Just twist off the top and it's ready to use.


Single use tubes guarantee safety and sterility.


Carry in your pack or purse to have first aid wherever you go!


Easily open and use in any location.


Each tube contains 30ml. of 0.9% sterile saline. The right amount for cleaning small cuts and grazes.


Will the pressure of the stream hurt my pet?

No, the pressure is designed to be the optimum one for cleaning wounds, or pet eyes.

What can SalJet Pet™ be used for?

SalJet Pet™ can be used to clean minor wounds, cuts, and bites. As well as cleaning your pets ears and eyes.

What animals can SalJet Pet™ be used on?

SalJet Pet™ can be used for dogs, cats, horses, or any mammal pet.

Why is SalJet Pet™ individually packed?

Multi-use saline solutions, typically used for cleaning contact lenses or wounds, can potentially be less safe than single-use solutions due to the risk of contamination.