Cat Films

Cat Films


Cat films are a very different kettle of fish to doggie films!

For a start cats are not as trainable as dogs and seem to have a contrary state of mind. And there is the cat stare, have you noticed that when you want your cat to do something it will often sit with its tail, (unless it’s a Manx cat), nicely curled round it’s feet and just stare at you. Often in a quite contemptuous way. Imagine being a film director and shouting ‘action’ expecting your star cat to make a move only to find the cat staring at you as though you are quite mad to have such an expectation.

Maybe this is why many cat films are cartoons, think Puss in Boots with the smoldering Antonio Banderas voicing the main character and yes the even hotter Salma Hayek in the female lead.

Then there’s Tom & Jerry, The Aristocrats and Garfield. Of course there are films with real cats and poignant stories, for example A Street Cat named Bob. And then there is the film , ‘Cats’, a musical with people dressed up as cats, can this film really be classed as a cat movie? Talking of people playing cats Michelle Pfeiffer playing cat woman in Batman Returns definitely deserves a mention. There is no escaping the fact that not all cat hero’s are nice and cuddly, sometimes cats are portrayed as downright evil but maybe that’s because the director is frightened of cats!

It’s your turn to vote for the best cat movie ever, see below.

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