December Newsletter

December Newsletter

Christmas is coming! A time for nostalgic songs to sing along to, kindness to others whether friend or stranger and joy that comes with familiar traditions.

Christmas may have moved on from its religious beginnings but whatever one’s beliefs it certainly brings feelings of happiness and fun. A time to relax and reflect on the year behind us, to spoil our loved ones and think of others less fortunate than ourselves. A time to wear silly sweaters all month, to eat chocolate without guilt and kick back and watch an old movie or two!

Christmas is a time when pets are often gifted and it’s important to pay attention to new arrivals to make the transition to their new homes as stress free as possible. Important too if one is the gifter to provide food and bedding as part of the gift. 🎁 

Best Thanksgiving Film Winner


A resounding winner this November was the movie Little Women receiving 51% of the vote!

Runner up was Instant Family.

Thank you to all our voters, keep your votes coming!

Christmas Competition

Just for fun let’s vote for our favorite Christmas song! Will it be White Christmas, Last Christmas, Baby it’s cold outside, All I want for Christmas is you, Santa Baby, Rockin Around the Christmas Tree? The list is endless! Tell us your favorite and we’ll have the results in 2024!!

Pet Thoughts

Pet Stories

I love shopping! I have been to some really lovely shops in Bond Street, London, Madison Avenue,  New York and Rodeo Drive, Los Angeles. It is especially fun at Christmas time when all the fancy lights make the streets look magical.

I have a special collar to wear at Christmas time which looks as though it’s made of diamonds but I don’t think even my person would spend that much money on me! She does love spending money though and visiting the fancy shops which I love too as the people in the shops make a great fuss of me and want me to sit on their laps for cuddles.

My person won’t let them give me food though as she says I have to watch my weight just like her!

Because shopping can be quite tiring my person has a special bag for me to sit in and she carries me round from shop to shop which her friends think is really cute. I love my person, her friends and our life together, she takes really good care of me but sometimes I wish I had a doggie friend too.

My name is Princess Lola, but everyone calls me Lolo, I am a Chihuahua and my person’s name is Charlotte.

We hope you enjoyed our newsletter and we look forward to sharing more news, pics and stories with you in the next one.

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