Doggie Films

Doggie Films

There are a huge number of films starring dogs both in cartoon form or as in life. Often of course the starring dog is just a foil for a famous actor, think Tom Hanks, Jennifer Aniston and Channing Tatum. (Read to the end to see if you knew the films these folk were in).


There have been cute dogs, think Tramp in Lady and the Tramp, what a romantic figure he cut and Lady was just plain adorable. Protective dogs, Mum and Dad in 101 Dalmatian’s guarding all those adorable puppies from Cruella. Working dogs with important work in the military and rescue services, dogs just having fun or just being plain silly.


What the movies do for dogs is give them a voice. How often have we wondered what our pet dogs are thinking, as humans we cannot resist giving animals the gift of speech.


The latest doggie film, Strays, seems to be giving a voice to teenage or disaffected dogs and maybe making a point about us owners and how good or bad our behaviour can be towards our pet dogs.


Tell us what your favourite doggie film is by submitting your decision below and let’s have our own award program! Visit www.saljetpet/doggie film, results at the end of September.

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