How To Use SalJetPet

How To Use SalJetPet

Pet owners understand that scratches, small wounds, and bites are part of the joy of having furry friends.

Effective wound care is crucial, and we'll explore the proper technique using a sterile saline solution.

Whether dealing with minor wounds or post-pet surgery after-care, follow these wound cleaning care guides to ensure your pet's well-being.


Proper Pet Wound Cleaning Technique:

  1. Assess the Wound: Evaluate the wound's severity. For minor wounds, proceed with our sterile saline solution.

  2. Wash Your Hands: Prioritize hand hygiene to avoid introducing bacteria.

  3. Twist Off the Top: Hold a tube in your dominant hand and twist off the top with the other.

  4. Point and Squeeze: Make sure your pet is comfortable and prepared. Direct the tube over the wound, and frimly squeeze for a steady stream of saline to clean the infected area. If necessary, use a second tube.

  5. Discard Used Tubes: Dispose of the used tube in a recycling bin. Once opened, do not reuse the tube.

Incorporate SalJetPet into your pet care routine for efficient wound care. Swift, easy, and effective, SalJetPet is your solution to ensure your furry family member's well-being. Get it beforehand to be prepared for any unexpected scratches, small wounds, or bites.

Check Out Our Video Tutorial Below!

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