March Newsletter

March brings us daffodils, cherry blossom and a flowery start to the end of winter. Traditionally March has also been known as a month of winds but now like all other months in the year it is a month of weather changes. Time to get outside and enjoy the beauty that spring brings us. Take your pets outside and enjoy nature in its prettiness.

This March brings us Easter a time of reflection and thanks. Also a time for chocolate and to appreciate young life be it children, bunny rabbits or lambs and calves. The downside of spring is spring cleaning! A necessary task especially for the homes of our pets. Shrug off winter’s heavy coat put on the pastel shade of spring and enjoy spring’s beauty.

Romantic Film Results

The votes are in and not surprising Hugh Grant featured in our favourite romantic films with Love Actually being the outright winner. 2 Weeks Notice, 4 Weddings and a Funeral and Notting Hill all featured strongly. Two golden oldies were also mentioned, Casablanca and Brief Encounter both needing the tissue box to hand! 😭

March’s Competition

This month’s competition is all about rabbits! There are lots of cartoon rabbit films and films that feature famous rabbits, so get voting now for your favourite rabbit film or rabbit star. Think weepy like Watership Down, cute like Peter Rabbit, weird like Donnie Darko and Harvey or just plain fun like Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

Vote for your pick now using the form below!


Pet Tales

I live with my friend in a very nice detached home which has a lovely garden. Our house is made of wood and has several shelves inside which we both like to jump on to, sometimes we race around jumping off one shelf onto another! The house is carpeted with hay which our lovely carer changes every day and we have a separate toilet area, all very up to the minute. The house has high ceilings which makes it easy for us to do our stretching exercises.

In the garden we have 2 platforms made of wood, one is big enough for us both to sit on and sometimes we sit under the platform too. As well as the platforms we have 3 tubes filled with shredded paper, 2 of the tubes are only big enough for one of us in case we want to be alone, but the other one is big enough for both of us. I find the single tube very good for when I want some me time, much as I love my friend there are some times when I need to have some peace and quiet.

We do have lots of fun together though. We like digging and chasing balls round our garden as well as eating! Best of all though is when our carer comes home from work and comes to sit in the garden with us, then we get lots of cuddles and get to play with our toys together.

My name is Wilhelmina and my friend is called Phoebe, we met when we were children when our carer, Annabelle brought us home together 5 years ago. Phoebe and I are American Fuzzy Lop rabbits.