September Newsletter

September Newsletter

Welcome to our first newsletter! 

Let me tell you about SalJetPet™ our first aid, must have product, for all your pet’s scrapes cuts and grazes!

Winchester Laboratories, our parent company, have been producing single use sterile saline products in the USA since 2000 and have become quite the expert at understanding the advantages of one time use sterile saline.

SalJetPet™ is a small volume, 30mL or 1 fluid ounce, 0.9% sterile saline for external use.

Several tubes can be carried in pockets and bags for instant first aid on the go!

It is a simple way of cleaning your pet’s minor wounds, scratches and bites and it can also be used to flush eyes and ears. 

Pet Thoughts

We love pets and their quirky ways and we hope to collect your pictures and stories to share, visit for more information.


There has always been a fascination in the world of film with pets and we are going to run our own mini award ceremony by discovering the most favorite pet film ever over the next few issues. I’m hoping that this will lead to a personal introduction to Brad Pitt, but enough of my fantasies! (And no reader, I don’t know if he has a pet!) Stay tuned to our blog for more movie news!

Story Corner

Walks with my person and other short stories 

There are lots of lovely big gardens in England many of which have cosy tea rooms and are often attached to big old houses. The brilliant thing about these places is that they actively encourage dogs, as long as we have our people with us and are kept on a leash. My person is called Natalie, she is fit and loves walking in all weathers and we have been together since I was a puppy which is nine years ago now.

Today we went for a very long walk in the gardens of a house in Yorkshire called Nunnington Hall and I was beginning to feel my age when Natalie finally decided to stop for tea. As soon as we were in the cafe I sat down not realizing that Natalie was only looking around for a table. I had just started to get into a comfortable position when we were suddenly off to the counter thing where Natalie bought tea and something called scones, (as Natalie eats these with jam and cream, it’s a good job she walks as much as she does!). 

At last we walked in the direction of a table and as soon as I saw a comfy spot to finally lie down in I curled up in the corner of the room and I think that meant Natalie had to sit at a table that wasn’t the one she was thinking of! Enough I thought, a bit of a rest is what I need NOW! Natalia can’t have been upset with me about the table choice as she gave me a doggy treat and a drink of water. She did seem to like her scones and ate all of the cream I noticed!

We will be going home soon in Natalie’s vehicle and then I can have a proper sleep and hopefully some supper. Then tomorrow we will be off out for more walkies. 

I’m Shep and I’m a black and white border collie.

I hope you enjoyed our first newsletter and I look forward to sharing more news, pics and stories with you in the next one.

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